Josh & Jess

Hello! We’re Pittsburgh transplants currently living in Greensville, SC where Josh is a money coach and Jess works in education.

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Where it all began:

Our debt free journey began in 2015 – we were living a “normal” life, riddled with debt from student loans and our two brand new cars. We had a moment where we realized that this didn’t have to be the way we lived and we looked to start budgeting. After realizing that we only had $30 left to our names after all was said and done each month, we knew we needed to make some serious changes. We began educating ourselves like crazy (we’re both reading and podcast junkies) and quickly began tackling our debt. We paid off $147,000 in a little over 3 years and became dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to do the same.

Our hope is that by sharing our story, mistakes, and journey, we can inspire people to join us on this crazy adventure of being mindful about money and creating habits to give you the life you dream of!