$147,000…..in DEBT!!!

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You generally don’t wake up with $147,000 in debt without buying something awesome, but that’s exactly what seem to happen to us. We woke up and were $147,000 in debt, working as servers in a restaurant and with nothing to show for it. We were one financial accident away from homelessness.

We had all of the characteristics of somebody that would be $147,000 in debt. We had a poor man’s mindset, low income jobs, the ability to spend like Kardashian’s, friends that had money like Floyd Mayweather (Google it), parents that were not very skilled with money but thought they were great, and society telling us we were doing all the right things. We were living The American Dream!!

Everything felt right. We had our own place to live, cars, education, fun tech toys, the latest smartphones, etc…On the outside, we had everything the commercials, celebrities, and friends thought we should have. What we didn’t have was money, or anything WE wanted. We had what everyone else wanted. We had stuff, but no coin to speak of. Well, darn close to it.

The American Dream.

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What a sales pitch. Hook, line, and sinker. We took it all. We let everyone decide what we should do with our money. It happened so fast we couldn’t stop it, or did it happen so slow that we didn’t even know it was happening? I have no idea.

We were tricked by marketing, we were competing with the Jones’, and doing the “right thing” by paying as much as we could in taxes. I mean the tax money is going to help people that need it… Right?

I looked at my wife and said, “Hell yea baby!! We’re awesome at being grown-ups!”

We are…. aren’t we?